How is Samsung winning over the Chinese brand?

In the recent scenario, Samsung winning over the Chinese brand Android smartphone market race in Nepal, Samsung is regularly going up regardless of its pricing and so many other factors, due to which so many changes are already happening in the Chinese company or Chinese manufacturer. In this article, we will try to see what might be the major factor of Samsung winning this race with such a giant Chinese company and huge marketing and white labeling.

Too much ad and bloatware

Chinese brands sell cheap phones with the intention of making money from bloatware and ads, which is one of the main reasons for their decline. Samsung, on the other hand, makes sure their phones are almost completely clean, and if they do come with bloatware, they make it easy to get rid of it. This doesn’t seem to be happening with Chinese brands. Recently, this feature has started to show up in smartphones, but customers are already moving away from them.

Lack of updates

Samsung promise around 3 to 5 year of an update to their smartphone and provides regular updates to them also, beside Chinese smartphone companies also plan for 3 yeat but don’t provide the needed support for the needed updates to the devices due to which devices become too laggy and full of viruses and so many new updates so people prefer to go with the Samsung.

Lack of support

It seems as though I am embellishing the truth here; all of the Chinese brands have a suitable structure for the support and so many other things in Nepal; nonetheless, you continue to assert that Chinese brands are deficient in support. a lack of support, indeed I have a smartphone made by a Chinese company, and when I had an issue with it, I went to the service center. They checked the phone for two days, and then they just gave it to me after cleaning the part that was causing the problem; as a result, I had to deal with the same problem again and again. This is not the kind of service that should be provided, but in this day and age, everyone is looking to make a profit from somewhere.

Rom strictness

The terminology employed may appear daunting to the layperson; however, one contributing factor to the surge in Chinese smartphone sales is the provision of boot loader access to individuals who possess technological acumen and aspire to personalize their devices by developing their own themes and ROMs. This particular feature has garnered a dedicated fan base, as individuals derive satisfaction from the ability to modify their phones according to their preferences. Nevertheless, companies such as Xiaomi and Redmi have implemented measures to restrict bloatware, partly due to security concerns, which has resulted in some consumers opting to discontinue their usage of Chinese smartphones.

I previously held a favorable opinion of Chinese smartphones, as their entry into the market increased competition and led to a significant decrease in prices. This development greatly facilitated the growth and transition of the digital economy. However, there is now a need to shift the prevailing trend, as individuals are becoming more discerning and capable of making informed decisions. This shift may potentially pose challenges in the future. It is my hope that Chinese smartphone brands recognize the importance of this situation and prioritize the provision of improved services to their customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

I extend my well wishes to all those involved. It is important to note that my personal stance remains impartial since the outcomes are determined by market forces and prevailing market mood.

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