Does TikTok Ban In Nepal Will Affect sales of phone?

The decision to prohibit the use of TikTok within Nepal was made by the Nepalese Government on November 13, 2023. The aforementioned phenomenon has significant implications across various sectors of Nepal, leading to widespread public dissent expressed through social media platforms. Consequently, numerous segments of society have been adversely affected as a result of this situation.

What government claims on the ban of TikTok?

The government asserts that due to the lack of cooperation from the TikTok team in addressing explicit and child pornography-related content, they were compelled to impose a ban on TikTok in Nepal. The government further states that if TikTok demonstrates willingness to adhere to regulatory requirements, they will consider reopening the platform in the near future. However, based on recent posts or press releases, it appears that the situation is more complex. It is evident that there is a political influence involved in addition to the ban, and until the political agenda is satisfied, it will require a significant amount of time to lift the ban.

Which segment is more affected by this?

1)Digital content Creator and ecosystem

The ban on TikTok has had a significant impact on various individuals, particularly the content creator team and its associated ecosystem. This ecosystem encompasses scriptwriters, videographers, video editors, and numerous other professionals. As a result of the ban, all sources of income for these individuals have abruptly ceased, as they primarily operate as freelancers. Consequently, the company can easily terminate their contracts. The potential consequences of this situation on the economy should not be overlooked. In order to mitigate these risks, I recommend that content creators adopt a more comprehensive approach by diversifying their focus across multiple platforms. Specializing solely on one platform can pose significant risks for all parties involved.

2)Mobile Phone Market

Recently, individuals have purchased mobile phones in order to obtain the highest quality videos or content for TikTok. However, if they are banned from TikTok, it may be difficult for them to choose a phone based on its camera. Additionally, their daily tasks can be easily accomplished with the phone in their hands, so this could pose a problem. Furthermore, this may have a greater impact on the sales of iPhones rather than Android phones, as people who purchase Android phones do so for features, budget, or other similar considerations. However, if it is launched promptly, TikTok’s marketing will likely increase, attracting a larger audience who will begin using it. This could potentially result in a recovery of the loss. Observe the market’s reaction and its subsequent movement.


It may appear that this only affects ISPs, but there are also benefits for them. Their bandwidth load will decrease, which could be a tremendous benefit for them. However, despite this, many people are installing the internet in order to use TikTok at home, which may not be completed, which could reduce the number of internet installations. However, for mobile service providers, this could be a catastrophic loss, as many individuals purchase their devices with the intention of using wifi. However, once the ban is lifted, the sales of these devices may plummet.

The following is a limited selection of sectors that may be impacted by the TikTok ban; however, there are likely to be numerous others that TikTok could assist with, either directly or indirectly. These sectors include searching for the best local tourism destination, the best repair shop, basic knowledge, and even doctor constants. It is our sincere hope that the TikTok ban in Nepal is not motivated by political gainsay and is soon lifted to allow for the smooth progression of daily life and activities for the people.

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