Why OLA S1 lunch delayed in nepal ?

Ola, a well-known Indian brand, released its electric scooter two years ago in India. When they decided to go global, they contacted Nepal and chose it as a market, but it hasn’t been able to launch yet in Nepal. What could be the reason for this? How long do you think it will take to launch the Ola S1 in Nepal? In the context of Nepal, let’s talk about this.

Why Lunch of OlA S1 is delayed in Nepal?

a)Production capacity

Ola is the leading company in India in terms of the highest number of electric vehicle (EV) sales. Since Ola’s launch in India, the sales of other EV companies have significantly declined, and many Chinese importers have exited the market. While other companies are selling around 5,000 scooters or two-wheelers in India, Ola is selling approximately 25,000 to 30,000 units per month. As a result, there is a long waiting period for Ola vehicles in India. To address this issue, Ola needs to increase its production capacity. However, they are facing challenges in doing so due to their limited knowledge and experience in the production line. Due to high demand and limited availability in India, there may be delays in delivering and initiating bookings in Nepal.

b)Cg bg in selling NETA

In Nepal, CG Holding, also known as CG Motorcorp, is the authorized dealer for selling Ola scooters and two-wheelers. They are also the sole importer of NETA vehicles in Nepal. Consequently, a significant amount of resources and manpower are invested in the NETA car, indicating that CG Holding likely generates substantial revenue from the sales of NETA vehicles. However, it could be advantageous for them to engage in joint marketing efforts for both teams, potentially resulting in cost savings. Nevertheless, it appears that this strategy is not yielding significant sales in the market. Consequently, they may prioritize maximizing profits rather than settling for modest gains in the thousands.

c)Might be planning for a production line too

CG is one of the biggest companies in Nepal and has a lot of experience with manufacturing and production lines. They know that importing Ola will cost more for people in Nepal, which could hurt sales of the Ola S1. That’s why they might be talking about setting up a production line in Nepal, which would help them lower the price and make more money. That could be another reason why the release and opening date for bookings in Nepal are taking so long.

What might be the pricing of Ola S1 in Nepal?

No matter what, what might the price of Ola S1 be in Nepal? That’s one of the biggest questions everyone has. If CG also starts selling, importing normally from India, and reselling here, things could go like they did with Ather Energy, which just started up. After looking pricing of the Ather electric Scooter The pricing of the OLA S1 in Nepal Might be around NRS 4,50,000.


What date might the scheduled lunch be?

A pre-booking period may commence before the Nepali New Year, following market expectations.

Our Opinion

The reason for this could be anything, but we hope that the user receives the two-wheeler at the most competitive price and with the best customer service possible, without having to make concessions to Indian or Nepalese users.

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