5G Revolution: Key Reasons Why It’s Essential for the Future

One of the most recent and hottest topics in Nepali and international media is 5G. Numerous individuals are openly discussing 5G’s development and growth, which will have a significant impact on the nation’s development as well as the development of Internet and IoT technology. The lack of growth of the 5g may be one of the explanations for leaving the Ncell from Nepal as well. Today we will discuss what might be the reason for the 5g for Nepal or For the world.


Low ping

As 5G grows around the world or in a country, the ping and communication time between devices or servers will go down by a lot. This could be helpful in many situations where low pings are needed. For example, we can think of the case of medical and other fields where remote work is needed.

Cloud computing

With increased accessibility to 5G technology, cloud computing will become more accessible and facilitate various tasks. The widespread availability of cloud computing will enable individuals to perform their daily work more efficiently and effectively. In India, cloud computing is already being utilized extensively, and its potential is set to expand further. As it becomes more prevalent, countries like Nepal will also benefit from the ease and efficiency of cloud computing, allowing individuals with low-end PCs to enjoy the capabilities of high-end PCs. This will provide people with exposure to larger and more advanced markets.

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Smooth IOT Operations

If there is an increase in the adaptation of 5G, it will make the operations of the devices that are connected to the Internet of Things easier. It will make the easier, and it will make the more easier to such devices that work in devices, it will make it easier to communicate between two vehicles on the road, and it will make it easier to do so for a great many other things. Although it may appear to have a lower benefit and a higher cost, it has a great benefit in the long run.


There is a right for everyone to experience new things in the quickest possible manner, so the government should begin to think about this and begin conducting beta and alpha testing so that we can get this live as soon as possible. It may appear that 5G is expensive, and it may not be required in a country like Nepal; however, any new technology comes with a great deal of new things, so it should be adapted. However, if we wait a little bit longer, we might be able to get more items that have been extensively researched and more inexpensive items that will make Nepal more affordable.

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