Why Resale Value of EV Is Low?

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is now experiencing a notable increase. However, a significant concern arising from the implementation of electric vehicles (EVs) is the depreciation of their resale value, which is notably low or even nonexistent. Today, we will endeavor to delve into the underlying factors contributing to the relatively diminished resale value of electric vehicles (EVs). Our objective is to ascertain whether this issue is transient in nature or if it is anticipated to persist over an extended period of time.

Seller Perspective For Resale Value of EV

When an individual possesses an electric vehicle (EV), the inclination to sell it in the near future is nonexistent. However, there may come a point when individuals contemplate the notion of upgrading from their current EV model. What are the reasons behind individuals’ inclination towards upgrading? There are several potential factors that may contribute to the decision to sell an electric vehicle (EV). One possible reason is the limited range of EVs, which may lead to range anxiety among drivers. Consequently, when individuals consider selling their EVs, they may encounter hesitation from potential buyers who are reluctant to pay a higher price due to the perceived risk involved. If an individual has not accumulated sufficient mileage on their vehicles, ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 kilometers, and intends to sell their electric vehicle (EV), it could potentially be considered a highly unfavorable decision. This is due to the fact that the financial losses incurred from selling the EV would outweigh any potential savings. Therefore, it is advisable for prospective EV buyers to thoroughly consider their circumstances, such as their age, availability of free time, and proficiency in planning, before making a decision. If all factors align favorably, purchasing an EV would be a commendable choice. However, it is important to note that selling the EV in the secondary market after accumulating 200,000 kilometers may be a sensible option, whereas doing so prior to this threshold would result in a futile endeavor.

Buyer Perspective

When anyone want to buy a vehicles there might be several reasons , like he is earning quite decent so he can afford it , s/he is planning to have a long trip soon so having an own vechicle to drive a long distance is a best decision and will help them to enjoy the ride more enjoy full and make it more pleasant with the team , but when a buyer go to the shop and ask for the second hand car or ev car , he is not confident enough to trust on the data he has given to them or the shopkeeper provided to the buyer , see if s/he has a proper money or the suffienct money then the buyer don’t need to go with the second hand car but if buyer have to go with second hand car buyer don’t have that much money for regular maintenance and every thing and again buyer is buying it first then he has more range anxiety then the seller one , in not any way he cant tryst the battery , because again battery is the crucial part of the ev cars so due to this indefinite looop of buyer cant trust on used battery and higher price of ev segment , it is hard for now to increase the resale value of the car .

From this article I am not trying to tell you the resale value of the EV vehicle will be always low the day will come if companies are ready to down the price of the EV vehicle and If technology becomes advanced then if battery price goes down, yes the resale value of the car will again increase and it will be one of the best decision to the second-hand buyer too.

You are saving the environment you guys are doing the best thing in the environment, so I think this should be continued and you guys should keep using EVs more than selling them soon. we wish a happy green journey to everyone.

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