Why are Sales of 2 GB RAM phones high In nepal?

A significant number of Sales of 2 GB RAM phones or lower variants are being made in countries such as Nepal. Although it may appear simple and ordinary, it conveys a multitude of stories and exacerbates the discomfort caused by the influx of new and additional industries.

Reason for High Sales of 2 GB RAM Phones

In the context of Nepal, there is an increasing awareness among people regarding the Internet and various other subjects. Numerous individuals have traveled abroad, and to communicate with them, people believe it is necessary to have a mobile phone at home. Owing to the widespread adoption of the TikTok-like platform for short video content, individuals require access to mobile phones. However, our country lacks the purchasing power and people are not fully acquainted with the internet, hindering their ability to explore various mobile phone brands and other related information that may impact their daily lives in the future. Some companies allocate minimal resources to online presence and marketing, instead prioritizing commissions for local sellers. Consequently, users are more susceptible to purchasing these phones, as individuals from distant locations are attracted to the lower prices without considering the underlying reasons. As a result, the volume of such devices sold remotely is notably elevated.

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The harm of Low Ram Phones

Due to a limited number of phone developers, they are unable to optimize apps for such phones, which can negatively impact the user experience. As a result of limited storage capacity, the phone company selling the device is unable to release numerous updates. These updates could potentially consume the available space and result in customer dissatisfaction. Extended usage of a phone without regular updates can result in a lack of security updates, rendering the phone susceptible to hacking and increasing its vulnerability to malware and viruses. This can potentially lead to financial losses for individuals.

Our Opinion

Regardless of any circumstances, people continue to use low-RAM phones. Therefore, I believe it is necessary to raise awareness and restrict the use of such phones in certain cases. The excessive use of these phones is a significant factor contributing to the rise in cybersecurity theft in Nepal. Therefore, it is imperative for all parties involved in digital literacy to educate individuals on this matter and motivate them to progress by acquiring new devices with advanced specifications.

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