Is Nepal Ready For East-West Travel From EV?

Currently, there is a significant increase in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and more people are purchasing them for their homes or properties. However, when it comes to investing your hard-earned money in a new EV, there is a debate about whether Nepal is prepared for such travel within its borders.

It might look like Nepal is ready for this journey and that we are ready to push Nepal into EV, but in real life, when we can’t be sure of the road conditions or the electricity levels near the highway, it might be hard for everyone to decide and move forward. Today, we will talk about what might happen and how we can get over our fears and move forward.

How Is it possible ?

Expansion Of NEA Charging station

As NEA’s charging stations have grown to cover more of the country, it may seem easy for everyone to travel across Nepal from EV, but it may not be as simple as it seems because NEA hasn’t properly planned out your waiting time, your destination, how you’ll spend your time there, and how you’ll get to your next stop. Because of a government project, it might not be managed properly, which means that people might be upset in a very bad way if something goes wrong on the road, especially if they are on a long trip.

Multiple chain restaurants in the highway

Recent advancements in the tourism and travel sector have led to an expansion of chain hotel groups, such as Pouwa, from which we can anticipate a substantial amount of current and electric flow from which we can plan our resting point and proceed, which could make our trip and itinerary more convenient and trouble-free. Therefore, searching for such a hotel in advance could provide us with some optimism and confidence as we travel and progress day by day.

Hotel pauwa

Increased Range capacity in vehicle

There has been a recent increase in the import of vehicles in Nepal, resulting in a rise in the quantity of high-end vehicles. This has led to an increase in confidence levels. When individuals are able to cover a distance exceeding 350 km, they can conveniently make arrangements for meals and other necessities, ensuring a smooth and assured journey. With a vehicle that has a substantial range, individuals need not worry about short trips or single journeys, such as to Pokhara. This marks a significant milestone in the history of Nepal and the world, as Chinese vehicles imported from China have made it feasible to travel eastward due to their superior range compared to other Indian vehicles.

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Things to Care

More private charger

A greater degree of convenience should be extended to private players, or those operating hotel businesses along the road should be granted priority in establishing hotels. This would encourage more individuals to participate, as they would not encounter any obstacles and would contribute to the advancement of experiential culture. Moreover, such an approach could potentially inspire customers to place greater trust in future transactions.

Our Opinion

A transparent viewpoint is essential, and it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the destination, rationale, and future consequences of our actions. If there is no benefit to modifying the vehicles, then we should cease investing in this. However, if it proves to be advantageous in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating our transition to carbon neutrality, then it is worth considering further and formulating the policy.

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